Gallus ICS670 Printing, Finishing and Processing – in a single pass.

Maximum productivity and flexibility in inline folding carton converting – Either if it is the demand on productivity in the field of Liquid Packaging or the process flexibility in the Value Added Sector of the Folding Carton market, the Gallus range of Inline Machine Systems offer ultimate efficiency from roll to die-cut blank in a single pass.
슬라이드1 슬라이드2 슬라이드3 슬라이드4 슬라이드5 슬라이드6 슬라이드7 슬라이드8 슬라이드9 슬라이드10 슬라이드11 슬라이드12 슬라이드13 슬라이드14 슬라이드15 슬라이드16


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